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Optional Coverage

Legal Defense Expense

The General liability insurance and directors & officers insurance policies respond to civil proceedings involving compensatory damages (money). Human rights and charter of rights issues are not insured. Legal defense coverage will pay the costs to defend these proceedings. Currently we offer a limit of $25,000 per occurrence and annual aggregate, but this would cover most legal costs.

Why is Legal Expense Insurance a sound business decision for sport organizations?

Legal expense insurance is designed to assist sport organizations with legal fees and expenses (up to the policy limit) relating to disputes/claims against the association which are not covered by General Liability or Directors & Officers Insurance.

It will allow the sports to uphold their rules and regulations without incurring the legal costs to do so.

What kinds of disputes qualify under the Legal Expense Insurance Program?

This insurance is designed to cover dispute resolution costs where an organization is involved in a "Proceeding" that does not involve a monetary sum being requested by a third party. The Legal expense insurance is designed to pay the legal and other expenses incurred with respect to defending the actions of the organization in a dispute.

Examples include:

  1. A coach or player takes legal action to be re-instated to a sport, after that sport has expelled the individual with just cause;
  2. Human Rights actions i.e. girls playing on boys teams;
  3. Policies/regulations relating to eligibility are challenged by a player/coach;
  4. A parent sues the association because his child was not selected for a team;
  5. A coach is suing the association for wrongful dismissal.

When is coverage triggered?

A written demand letter from a third party to the sport group demanding action will trigger coverage.

How do I sign up?

You can sign up by contacting your Markel-Allsport broker to add the program to your current comprehensive policy. Program coverage can be added at any time to help you cover the costs of new disputes. There is no retroactive coverage for past disputes or disputes with legal costs already underway at time of purchase.

Voluntary Compensation

1. Insuring Agreement.

  1. We offer to pay the benefits described in BENEFITS (SECTION III) to your "covered employee" if that "covered employee" sustains "bodily injury" to which this insurance applies. We will make this offer to pay even though you are legally liable for the "bodily injury".
  2. If your "covered employee" rejects these benefits or brings an "action" against you, we may withdraw our offer.
  3. A "covered employee" who accepts these benefits must sign a release giving up any right to bring an "action" against you.

b. This insurance applies to "bodily injury" only if:

  1. The "bodily injury" is caused by an accident that takes place while the "covered employee" is performing duties for you in the "coverage territory";
  2. The "bodily injury" occurs during the policy period;
  3. The injured "covered employee" submits to physical examination, at our expense, by physicians of our choice as often as we reasonably require; and
  4. The injured "covered employee" authorizes us to obtain medical and other records.

Provided that in the event of death, we can require an autopsy before we make payment.

2. Exclusions.

This insurance does not apply to:

  1. Any obligation of the insured under a workers compensation or occupational disease law, or any similar law.
  2. "Bodily injury" intentionally caused or aggravated by you.
  3. "Bodily injury" involving any hernia injury.
  4. "Bodily injury" due to war, invasion, act of foreign enemy, hostilities, (whether war be declared or not), civil war, rebellion, revolution, insurrection or military power.

Property Coverage including:

  • Building, contents, equipment, EDP, MPF
  • Earthquake
  • Sewer Backup
  • Flood
  • Crime
  • Business Interruption, Extra Expense