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Special Events

Summary of program:

The policy will pay those sums that the insured becomes legally obligated to pay as compensatory damages because of bodily injury to or damage to property of others, such as passers-by and property owners resulting from your operations or actions. We also welcome any registered not-for-profit organizations who are planning or producing special events.

Example of events:*
  • Weddings, receptions, showers
  • Meetings, social groups
  • Festivals, parades, picnics
  • Running or walking events
  • Block parties, birthday parties
  • Dances, theatre, art gallery

*with preference to family oriented occasions

Summary of coverage:

Limit - $1,000,000 to $5,000,000, as negotiated

  • Certificates of Insurance for Additional Insureds
  • Premises, Property and Operations
  • Products and Completed Operations
  • Personal Injury (libel and slander)
  • Cross Liability
  • Tenants Legal Liability
  • Liquor Liability available

A deductible of $500 (or as negotiated) applies to bodily injury, property damage and legal expenses.

Excluded venues:
  • Private and residential property

The description of coverage contained herein is not complete, and reference must be made to the actual terms and conditions of the applicable policy forms.

Special events application