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Q. Who is insured under the Sport Liability policy?
A. Directors, Executives, Employees, Managers, Coaches, Trainers, Officials, Referees, Members of Organization, Volunteers

Q. Is abuse or harassment coverage available?
A. Yes, it is currently available to National and Provincial sport organizations that have proper harassment policies & procedures in place.

Q. Is there territorial limitations to the coverage?
A. The policy provides coverage Worldwide for Canadian residents.

Q. Does your policy cover injury to sport participants?
A. Yes, our cover includes liability for participant and spectator injury in addition to incidental medical malpractice, which is vital for sports and leisure risks.

Directors & Officers

Q. What is the difference between a director and officer?
A. Directors are elected or appointed volunteers. Officers are usually directors that are appointed for specific functions such as President, Secretary or Treasurer. Staff can also be Officers

Q. What is the purpose and duties of a Board of Directors?
A. Purpose of the Board is to provide leadership and direction for the organization. Directors & Officers have three basic fiduciary duties to the non-profit association:

  1. Obedience - must comply with federal and provincial laws and act within the constitution and bylaws of the association
  2. Loyalty - must act in good faith and must not allow their personal interests to prevail over the interests of the association
  3. Diligence - must be diligent and prudent in managing the association's affairs and possess a duty of care that an ordinary prudent person would use under similar circumstances

Q. What is the difference between General Liability Insurance and a Directors & Officers (D&O) Insurance?
A. General Liability Insurance: Provides coverage for "negligent acts". Directors & Officers Insurance: Provides coverage for "intentional acts" with protection against a breach of a "duty" by the directors or officers.

Q. Specifically, what does D&O Insurance cover?
A. A D&O policy pays for actual or alleged decisions - "wrongful acts" usually defined as "any actual or alleged act or omission, error, misstatement, or misleading statement, neglect or breach of duty by and Insured".

Q. How can D&O claims be avoided?
A. Many lawsuits could be avoided, or at least dismissed, in the early stages of a lawsuit if the association simply follows its own constitution and bylaws. Even outdated bylaws must be followed.


Q. Why would a sports association purchase Sport Accident coverage?
A. As a member benefit. Coverage is on a "no fault" basis and is in excess of Provincial plans and employee benefits programs.

Q. Can loss of wages be claimed for under this policy?
A. No, only medical costs are paid.

Q. All provinces have their own distinct plan / benefits. How does Allsport deal with this?
A. We use the same insurance wording but would make different payments based on the coverages and limits on each provincial plan.


Q. Why are legal costs increasing?
A. Legal costs are one half of all claim payouts.

Increased participation:

  • More income being spent on leisure products
  • Increased awareness of healthy lifestyle
  • Aerobic fitness boom in past 10 years.

Changed attitudes:

  • "It's not my fault"
  • Someone else is responsible for my injury.

Influence of the media:

  • Increased exposure to high risk activities
  • Media reporting of sensational legal settlements
  • TV shows dramatize "backroom" negotiations

The American Experience:

  • Very litigious society

Increased awareness of liability and legal rights:

  • Built in expectations
  • Accidents view as breaches
  • More people turning to courts to right a wrong

More lawyers

Increased number & amount of settlements:

  • More activities lead to more accidents
  • More accidents lead to more lawsuits
  • More lawsuits lead to chance of larger settlement

Presence of Insurance:

  • Large insurance companies paying the award; not the coach or association

Q. How are claims adjusted?
A. Markel-Allsport uses Crawford and Company to adjust all claims. Crawford knows our program and works closely with us to ensure each claim is handled appropriately.


Q. Who are your insurers?
A. The sole insurance carrier is Markel Syndicate 3000 at Lloyd's. As a Lloyd's coverholder, Allsport has the ability to provide quotes, issue policies and manage claims. Rating: A (Excellent) - A.M. Best

Q. What is your minimum premium?
A. For a Sport Liability policy, the minimum premium with a $2-million policy limit is $2,000.

Q. What policy limits can you offer?
A. We can provide limits up to $5 million.

Q. Do you require an Agency Contract to do business with Allsport?
A. No, an agency agreement is not required nor do we have premium volume requirements.

Q. Why should I place my clients' business with Allsport?
A. We understand the business of sports and recreation and have been writing this class of business longer than any of the competition. We offer years of experience, impeccable service, expert claim handling, and are passionate about risk management.

Q. Can you provide short-term event insurance?
A. Yes, this is available for single events or seasonal operations.